Landmark Legends of Stanthorpe

Port Barrels – Ballandean Estate
Sundown Road, Ballandean 07 4684 1226
These giant barrels stand 2.2m high and were originally imported from Germany into Australia by Penfolds.  In 1970 they were acquired by Ballandean Estate and moved to Queensland. The 120 year old barrels are nestled in the Barrel Room Cafe.  There are eight barrels, each containing 4500 litres of Port, the wine ranging from 8 to 18 years old. The total volume equates to 48,000 bottles of wine, or 4000 cases.  Or, in Angelo’s words, “they are full of my super”.

The Pyramid - Henty Estate/Aussie Vineyards

Private Property Jacobson Road Ballandean 

The pyramid is the result of a chance remark by local Peter Watters to, the then owner of the property, Stuart Moreland. Peter said "What are we going to do with all these rocks?" Stuart replied "Build a pyramid!" His subsequent instructions were "The pyramid has to be 30metres square at the base and 15metres high". It actually stands 17.5metres high and contains 7500 tonnes of rock. It was built by a Mr Ken Stubberfield using an excavator and dump truck. It took eight months. The pyramid is on private property but can be viewed from Jacobson Road, Ballandean.
Fruitisforus - Ballandean
New England Highway, Ballandean
The Fruitisforus was originally made as a float for the 1998 Apple & Grape Festival when the local shopkeeper’s daughter was a queen entrant. After the festival the community didn't know what to do with it so they put it by the roadside in front of the Ballandean railway station to stop passing traffic in a bid to sell fruit as a fundraiser for the local football club. It soon became a major attraction but as it was not originally to withstand harsh Granite Belt winters and children clambering over it, repairs became necessary. In 2009 Fruitisforus went to the neighbouring dinosaur hospital to be covered in fibreglass, reinforced and painted. It was lovingly returned to the original railway precinct and attracts thousands of passers by from all over the world.  This big friendly green giant is 2.1m high and 6.7m long.

The State Border - Wallangarra Train Station

State Border – Great Railway divide 
Wallangarra Station
The north/south divide between NSW and Qld is never more apparent than at Wallangarra Railway Station. The verandah architecture as well as the railway gauge width varies depending on which state of origin you belong to.
The gauge of the Queensland side of the state border is 3ft 6” wide and on the NSW side it is 4ft 8.5”. The Queensland verandah boasts a bull nose and on the NSW side it is a skillian roof.
Wine Barrel Totem Pole,
Quart Pot Creek Kidspace, Stanthorpe
The totem pole was built as a community arts project during the 2004 Apple & Grape Harvest Festival. This was the pilot for a Poles in the Park project, which sadly hasn’t gone any further. This particular pole was built by local youth who chose a theme appropriate to Stanthorpe; that of four seasons. 
This unusual form of public art comprises one oak wine barrel depicting each season. The totem pole stands 3 metres in height and was unveiled on Harmony Day in March 2004 .
The Brass Monkey in Stanthorpe
Brass Monkey Sculpture
Corner Maryland & Railways Streets, Stanthorpe
The sculpture was made by Chris Humphries in 2004 as part of the Stanthorpe streetscape project. There are various theories about the origins of the brass monkey, but this style was chosen instead of the pile of cannon balls because of the saying ‘cold enough to freeze……’ In keeping with Stanthorpe’s reputation as the coolest place in Queensland, at the sculpture’s unveiling nationally acclaimed folk singers, Penny Davis and Roger Ilott performed ‘The Monkeys Sing Soprano.’ The music was composed by local resident Roger Ilott who collaborated with Warwick based folklorist Bill Scott.
Roll up Tree, Stanthorpe Piazza 
Farley Street Piazza, Stanthorpe Town Centre
As early as 1872people rolled-up under the tree in the town centre to exchange news, to collect their mail and to read advertisements which were posted on the tree.  The original tree was a towering eucalypt that stood close to this site in Stanthorpe’s early tin mining days. At a meeting in 1875 an effigy of the local Member of Parliament was burned under the tree. The fire killed the tree. The modern tree was constructed by Patricia Sheehan and John Ireland as part of the Stanthorpe Piazza streetscape. The roll-up tree involved youth at the time and the leaves on the tree are inscribed with youth and family names of the time. The tree is made of steel and anodized aluminum and was unveiled in 2002.
The Big Apple in Applethorpe
The Big Apple at Vincenzo’s
New England Highway, Thulimbah
The original Big Apple, a Granny Smith, lived at the petrol station at Applethorpe from 1978. The steel and fibreglass sculpture stands 4m tall and the apple is 4.5 in diameter. It was crafted by local artisan Johnny Ross. It went into temporary retirement in 2003 when the Applethorpe site was redeveloped. After a brief facelift, the re-grafted apple emerged as a Royal Gala apple slightly north of town at Thulimbah. Its new home is Vincenzo’s at the Big Apple, which is situated on the opposite side of the new England Highway to Suttons Apple Orchard & Cidery.
Strange Bird Queensland Alternative Wine
Strange Bird

Strange Bird was conceived in 2007 by two Granite Belt winemakers who wondered how they would sell wines from alternative grape varieties.   The strategy developed by Granite Belt Wine & Tourism was that alternataive wines called for an alternative approach. The designer given a brief to develop something quirky and after a short gestation period Strange Bird hatched.   The little bird has attracted interest from every major wine writer in Australia and is a popular self-drive trail on the Granite Belt.
Jonno & Bella
In 1954 the Apple Blossom festival was born, and then reinvented in 1966 as the Apple & Grape Harvest Festival. It’s original mascots Jonathon Apple and Isabella Grape retired from active service after the 2006 festival, making way for a more contemporary Jonno and Bella. They are gearing up for the 2010 festival (5-7 March) which draws tens of thousands of visitors to Stanthorpe.