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We aim to work proactively with the media and trade - our job is to make yours easier. Media releases (below) are downloadable as PDF files. For more information, a quote or a photograph please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +61 7 4681 0411

Granite Belt Wine Country Official Blog

Go To Video & Audio StoriesGranite Belt Wine & Tourism (GBWT) regularly hosts journalists who visit the Granite Belt. As a not-for-profit community group these visits contribute significantly to the important editorial coverage on our region. Following are some print feature articles, also see Granite Belt Video & Audio stories:

Date Publication Article View
July 2011 Australian Country Style Kerry O'Brien View
26 June 2011 Sunday Mail Bring Lavender into your life View
26 June 2011 Sunday Mail Food with Wendy Hall View
25 June 2011 Courier Mail Picture of the week View
4 June 2011 Weekend Australia James Haliday View
8 May 2011 U Magazine Tobin Wines View
April 2011 Let's Travel Capital of Cool View
18 Januray 2011 Couer Mail My Daily Bread View
Spring 2010 Get Up & Go Magazine Rock Solid Spring View
July 2010 Queensland Weekender Mixing cultures View
May 2010 National Liquor News   View
May 2010 Sunshine Coast Daily Grazing on Granite Belt View
May 2010 Gold Coast Panache Magazine Gold to Granite View
May 2010 Gold Coast Panache Drinks   View
November 2009 ABC melbourne Online Ashwood Open Garden View
November 2009 Q Weekend   View
October 2009 Courier Mail   View
October 2009 Profile Magazine   View
27 June 2009 Youtube Postcards Australia   View
9 June 2009 Weekend Australian Max Allen's Future of Australian Wine View
May 2009 Readers Digest   View
June 2009 Australian Country Style   View
May 2009 National Liquor News   View
May 2009 Australian Country Style   View
April 2009 Delicious Magazine   View
March 2009 Qantas In-Flight Magazine   View
March 2009 OUTthereREX in-flight magazine   View
Autumn 2009 Selector Magazine   View
Autumn 2009 Highlife on the Downs   View
Summer 2008 Winestate   View
Spring 2008 ABC TV Landline Strange Bird Feature View
Spring 2008 Selector Magazine Strange Bird Spring View
Winter 2008 Wine Business Magazine 100 50 Stars of 2008 View
Summer 2008-09 Lexus Magazine   View
October 2008 Profile Magazine   View
  Australian and New Zealand Wine Industry Journal   View
February 2008 Affair Magazine   View
September 2008 Wine Business Magazine 100 Granite Belt Features   View
July 2008 Wine Business Magazine   View
  Alison Alexander Talks Food Part 1 Listen
  Alison Alexander Talks Food Part 2 Listen
  Australian Wine & Brandy Corporation Max Allen Podcast Listen
February 2008 Aura Magazine Great escapes for the holiday season View
November 2007 Queensland Traveller "Queensland's Capital of Cool" View
November 2007 4x4 Australia Sundown National Park View
December 2007 Affair Magazine Strange Bird View
December 2007 Style Magazine Feel like a cool break? View

If you wish to participate in our journalist famil programme contact GBWT Marketing.