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Granite Belt Wine & Tourism Inc. (GBWT) is the peak local tourism and wine association for operators in the Granite Belt region, in and around the town of Stanthorpe. 

GBWT is a progressive group, focused, innovative and cohesive. We foster excellence in sustainable tourism and wine, and are committed to developing our members’ businesses or their organisations and to helping our members deliver a positive, unique and memorable wine tourism experience to all visitors. We market our region under the brand Granite Belt Wine Country.

GBWT operates the Stanthorpe Visitor Information Centre, open daily 9-4 with the exception of Christmas Day and Good Friday. 

Membership is available at two levels:

  • Full membership applies to anyone on the Granite Belt whose primary business activity is in tourism, enabling them to achieve economies of scale through co-operative marketing and a recognised marketing levy scheme;

  • Associate Membership applies to those who derive only part of their income from tourism, such as local business operators, artists or community groups. Membership is currently just over 150.

GBWT is a not a regulatory body, nor does it have any political allegiance. We respect the right of any business to determine its own operating hours, services and systems within the legislative framework of the Trade Practices Act and Workplace Health & Safety etc. GBWT also respects the right of individual operators to take whatever legal and ethical action they deem appropriate to protect their business interests.





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