The Granite Belt

The Granite Belt is more than a premium food and wine destination surrounded by stunning national parks and prehistoric granite formations. While the region's reputation for award winning wine and gourmet produce has gained national momentum in recent years, it is the people who bring the story to life and offer an intimate experience unlike any other food and wine region in Australia.

1. Wine Down

Granite Belt ChecklistAustralian wine critics have taken notice and 2013 saw the Granite Belt gain more recognition as a region competing on the national and international wine stage. We may be small, but it is quality we focus on and ensuring our wine lovers can enjoy an extensive mix of varietals to pair perfectly with food. What's more, this is a region where you can relax and unwind, away from the hassles of city life - all with the assistance of a great drop of course! It is these simple pleasures that will leave you feeling reinvigorated and rejuvenated after a break on the Granite Belt. [Read more about accolades & awards]

2. Become a Granite Belt Foodie

The Granite Belt is a major food bowl for Queensland, with fresh seasonal produce grown all year. The Granite Belt has long held traditions for preserving and preparing our fresh food so that it can be enjoyed year round. We want to share these secrets with you; so sign up to become a Granite Belt Foodie. Learn more about our exclusive food tours, foraging opportunities and where to eat the best seasonal produce.

3. Spoil all the Senses

See the rugged granite outcrops amidst fields of wildflowers and take in the starry nights. Smell the rain on a country lane or the aromas of wine in a barrel. Savour the taste of a juicy tomato picked ripe from the vine, the crunchiness of an in-season apple or the tender flavour of well treated organic lamb – it's the way food used to taste. Feel the fresh breeze on your face and flowers between your fingers while listening to the sounds of birdlife by a creek.

4. Meet your Makers

Our producers are the gods of the land and we want you to meet them. Unlike any other region in Australia, the Granite Belt is an intimate experience between you and the people who have planted, tended, harvested and produced award winning food and wine. They love to talk about their produce and share their story. From paddock to plate to mate, you will arrive as a stranger and leave as friend. [Read more about Meet your Maker.

5. Be one with Nature

Whether you prefer to jump on a bike, grab your binoculars or don your hiking boots, the Granite Belt is complete with quaint spots to relax, breathtaking views and plenty of family friendly activity. Pedal to produce on the bike trail, climb the awe inspiring Pyramids, trek to a swimming hole at Girraween, find a perfectly private hideaway for a picnic or a spot of fishing. [Read more about The Outdoors and Nature activities]

Meet your makers

Meet your makers

They may not quite be Gods, but on the Granite Belt we worship our makers anyway! The food...